Karen has been writing and producing music for various projects over the last few years: Commercial tracks, Music for Indie Films, specially crafted songs for Corporate clients, and producing songs for songwriters that need help turing their vision into a finished product. More examples of her work will be here soon, but many of the projects she worked on were for clients that would prefer she not share their vision with everyone, so if you are interested please contact her and she will provide you with some examples more specific to your project and artistic vision.


Karen works in Logic Pro 9 on a specially designed Mac - 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, Memory: 10 GB 1066 MHz DDR3, with multiple hard drives

External Gear: Presonus Firestudio Audio Interface(firewire), PreSonus ADL600 - (2 Channel Tube Pre-Amp.), Aphex 651 Pro Expressor/Compressor, Lexicon MPX100 Dual Channel Processor, Ashly CL100 Compressor/limiter, Korg Triton Rack, Kurtzweil MicroPiano, Behringer Xenyx stereo mixer, Mackie CR1604 16 channel mixer

Amps: Hafler pro 1200 Amp, Hafler P1500 Amp, Crown Power Amp D75A, Rane 6 Channel Headphone Amp

Monitors: Genelec 8040As, Tannoys, NS10Ms, Cambridge Soundworks minis,

Mics: Peluso P-12 Tube Microphone, (I like this better than a Neuman), Audio Technica 4033, (Multiple insrument mics), multiple beta 58As, SM58s, SE Electronics Reflection Filter for mic recording clarity.

Plug-ins: Superior Drummer 2.0, Kontakt Complete 8, Guitar Rig5 Pro, Reaktor, Scarbee Basses, Vintage Organs, Upright Piano, Vienna, Berlin, New York concert Grands, Massive, Absynth5, Razor, Prism, Session Strings pro, Studio Drummer Alicia's Keys, Soul Treasures, Retro Machines, Evolve Mutations 1&2, Battery3, Abbey Road Drum series, West Africa, Traktor, Reflektor, Wave's Diamond, of course all logic's plug-ins and apple loops.

Keyboards: StudioLogic SL-90 88 note weighted key controller keyboard, Korg SP-170 88 note weighted key digital piano, M-Audio midi-controller, Hohner accordion

Guitars: 2 Takamine Acoustic/Electrics, Yamaha APX-8 Acoustic/Electric, Gibson Les Paul, 2 ESP Eclipse Custom guitars, several ESP custom guitars, Multiple custom Fender Strats, Fender Thinline Tele, ESP Bass- M4, access to my dad's custom Martin Mandolin.

Guitar Amps: Custom amp owned by John McLaughlin - JCM800 Superlead 2, Rickster Deccawatt 112 - all tube boutique Fender Amp, Marshall Artist 4203, Fender Acoustasonic Junior, Crate GX-15, Randall RG-80