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Check out Karen's new CD and labor of love "The Hourglass"!  It's a powerful, expansive musical experience bound to take you on a wonderful journey!  It conjures up a feeling reminiscent of yesteryear when Album rock took you on a 2 sided trip - a journey with peaks and valleys and creative adventures.  You can feel Karen's love of Progressive rock, as it mingles with hints of classical piano, and memorable vocal hooks, delivering something altogether new and unlike any other female artist you've heard! 

All songs written, arranged, produced by Karen Lloyd mixed by Lou Gimenez at The Music Lab.

Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk. 

Special thanks and love to Lou Gimenez, Dave Anthony, Andy Pfaff, and Rick Kolster for their amazing musical talent and helping to make this record what it is! For more details read the info page. : )

Check out Karens New Release; The Hourglass CD!!

Karen Lloyd: The Hourglass

The Hourglass - Karen Lloyd

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Karen Lloyd

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